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I want to notify that almost all the hardware pictures in this website were taken
from the net.
Musics were taken from the MSX games and rearranged to work well.
MSX game list is for sure not complete as the hardware list too,there were so many softwares and hardwares for this great standard that we still continue to discover
its with such a huge pleasure.I will update with time.
Note that each software is checked,tested then put in this site and the list is long, many softwares are still waiting.
Many softwares listed here were not for commercial purpose and the great works made by these MSX fans worth to thank them.
I just wanted to give minimum infos about the MSX,regrouping many things as possible.For sure,it will be some mistakes,I work on its.
Anyway,I count also on your remarks and other ideas to improve this MSX site.

For tapes softwares,rows are 8,16,32,48,64,80,128,180,256 but it doesn't mean that if you see 32KB,the software is for 32KB MSX machine
or it is exactly 32 KB,it could be more than 18 KB and lesss than 34 KB
As also if a program is around 135 KB (example),it is assigned as 180 KB
Many softwares listed 1 disk are not full 720ko.

There are also some others hardwares as printers,memory mappers,joysticks,etc...
Go to see the peripherals section which it will be oftenly updated.
What a pitty that we miss a lot of pictures stuff yet especially from Japan but I really hope to find more and more
new photos of missing hardwares from all over the world.

If you have some hardwares not listed,send me an email and thanks in advance.
Let us combine our resources to keep this great standard wonderful as ever.

You will find 345 different MSX machines,counting models and colours,as I think there are still some more.

I noted that the Frael Bruc 100 is a compatible MSX machine but without the famous MSX logo.

The quest to find new MSX machines is not over yet.

Some games style are categorized adventure,that means pure textual adventure.
Many games are in style jump and hit or shoot,you will find its in action/shooting.
Some games with erotic characters could be a rpg,adventure or else were simply classified adult.
Some softwares are the same but names changed,depending on different countries and companies rights.
Many softs works with different graphics as you use a MSX 1 or a MSX 2 machine (especially Al Alamiah softs).
In the software section,just click on the title you are looking at to get a picture (except some few ones).

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