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If I wanted to talk about MSX computers,it will take all my life to set more and more words,so let's say that this standard was
simply incredible and still be,as I continue to discover these marvellous machines.

Msx is born in 1982 from a cooperation between Mr Bill Gates (yeah Mr Microsoft) and Mr Kay Nishi (yep Mr Ascii) and many manufacturers (almost all Japanese) followed them in their idea and gave us those wonderful computers.We saw the first MSX computers in 1983.
The MSX 2 knocked our door in 1985,followed by the MSX 2+ in 1988 and the Turbo-R in 1990.

Nowadays,I am still using and playing on MSX,the story is not finished yet...


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-A Special Calendar 2019 dedicated to Compile (EN/JP) and the MSX World Calendar 2019 Classic Version (16 languages). [Click Here]

Latest Softwares Productions

    Many fans continue to program games and other utilities.
    Support them by buying their softwares. Visit the shop
    2017 is a very promising year and plenty of good surprises
    and events from all over the world.
    My best regards to all , waiting to see the best on MSX.

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