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Children of the night Children of the night

Hikaru Games is back with a double Megarom for MSX.
Here you are as count Dracul rising,stronger than ever and challenging a demon in a very promising RPG. Graphics are simply beautiful and improved when using MSX 2 or higher.The music fits you in the right atmosphere.You can order your cartridge from Micromancers

Who dares wins Who dares wins

Retroforce group finished the remake of Who dares wins (MSX 2) made more than 30 years ago by Alligata.This version have much better graphics and an entertaining SCC sound in a double megarom.As a super commando,shoot and conquer all bases of the enemy.
Contact Retroforce and Check Who dares Wins video demo

Ilevan Ilevan

The Japanese group Tulip House decided to bring back an old software in a 32KB cartridge format.The funny action game Ilevan was produced in 1987 with a certain success.A very good idea for those who never heard about it before.Roms are not too much so who orders first gets the prize.
Tulip House

The fall of Prometheus The fall of Prometheus

A new group in the MSX field is born,Mystery Labs.
Behind that name,a new game is coming soon and seems very promising,The fall of Prometheus.
An action/reflection play,the kind we like so much.
We hope to see quickly a demo.

Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe

Annouced few time ago,Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe is finished.
The successful association Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez/Jean-Francois Dupuis will bring us a Megarom plenty of fun and an action/platform game with very nice graphics and gameplay.

Gyruss Gyruss

The classical 3D shooting game Gyruss (Konami 1984) was never been produced for the MSX.
GDX and Eric B. corrected this mistake and offered us this essential jewel in a 64KB Rom cartridge in a pretty box.
It is available at Eric's Shop

Highway Fighter Highway Fighter

Speedy Kai wears well his surname as he comes on wheels of fire with his latest product for MSX 2,Highway Fighter.
A racing game very close to Road Fighter from Konami.
The graphics are really good as an entertaining music (differents screens mode are available).Get a playable demo or go to Shop

Inferno is back Inferno is back

5 years after the first demo of Inferno (MSX 2),Aetherbyte is back again to finish it.
Very colorful and exciting action/platform stylish game.
We hope to see the final result as soon as possible.
It could be a very good gift for the end of the year?

Tina's Adventure Island Tina's Adventure Island

Imanok finished his last project "Tina's Adventure Island" as previewed in the interview. At the end,it is a top result as Imanok always does.
A classical wonderboy style full of fun and plenty of surprises.
You can already order your copy from The MSX Cartridge Shop

Knit Designer Knit Designer

I always thought that almost all the MSX roms were discovered but I just found a new one with a certain huge size.
It is Knit Designer,a pretty impressive and extremely rare MSX rom.
This rom lets you make your own fashion designs.
There is a picture in MSX 1 software section.

HTML5 MSX Emulator V2 HTML5 MSX Emulator V4

Paulo Peccin created few time ago,an online MSX emulator using HTML 5 language and it was pretty good.A new version is now available for MSX 2/2+.
This emulator will evolve more and more for sure.
The whole files are available free to download and to integrate in your own website.

Go visit

Webserver MSX Web Server

Eugeny Brychkov,well known for the MSX GR8Bit project continues to susprise us pushing more and more the limit of the MSX capacities.
He succeeded to programing a web server for MSX,it is a little bit slow but can be faster.Go check the video

MSX Web Server Demo

BitLogic is available in two different Rom models BitLogic

The Pets Mode offered to MSX fans a full playable game as the team also finished the game with two real physical roms.
A simple rom and a fantastic and unique "digital" rom.For more infos,contact them.
BitLogic<><> Download

Intruder Intruder

Bitvisions (Arcomage) announces a new coming up game.
Intruder is a space shoot'em up very promising with spectacular graphics.One of the plus of the game is the use of the VDP9990,something extremely rare in the MSX games.
So let's wait and see.
Intruder Promo

Rune Monster Rune Monster

Did you like Rune Master? Well,you will love Rune Monster.
After Life On Mars few months ago,Kai Magazine (Interview) is back with a 16Mb rom cartridge board game,high MSX 2 graphics,FM Pac,MSX Audio and Moonsound included as also 4 players.Take a look on the video.
Rune Monster Video

Head Over Heels 2 Head Over Heels 2

Ocean produced Head Over Heels for MSX but FX Software is back on the MSX scene with a remake, Head Over Heels 2 for the MSX 2.A Megarom with smooth graphics and using both SCC and FM Pac sounds.The game will be sold by the MSX cartridge Shop.
MSX cartridge Shop

Wing Warrior is challenging you Wing Warriors

Kitmaker Entertainment entered the MSX dev with a strong shooting game for MSX 1.
Beautiful graphics and game play,very colorful.A proof that it is still possible to make better and better on this machine.

Princess Quest is free Princess Quest

Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez is still offering Princess Quest for free download.
Visit Oscar's website and download Princess Quest rom but you can also buy his fantastic Mecha-9 shooting game.
You can still read my exclusive interview with him in English and in Spanish

Princess Quest

Life On Mars Life On Mars

After Lilo,No Name and Nuts,Kai Magazine well known in the MSX field is back with a brand new style shooting game,Life on Mars.
A 4Mb rom full MSX 2 graphics and including the OPL4 sound (very rare till now).Take a look on the game via Youtube.

Life On Mars Video


A new MSX discovered.
I never though that this one exists as my researches for Sanno brand stopped on one machine,the MK-III.
The MK-II is the same model of it big brother but less memory,just 8KB ram,Casio is not far.

Check larger photo here

FM sound for all your MSX games? FM sound for all your MSX games?

Tiny Yarou is back again! After the SCC (scroll down to read) a FM converter for your MSX games is now available.Try Vampire Killer or Usas in FM mode,it is awesome.
Go and download the FM utility for your MSX.

Tiny Yarou FM Converter

IQ-3000 mini IQ-3000 mini,Victor and Yamaha

A new MSX 2+ is manufactured in limited quantity,the IQ-3000 Mini made in Korea.
Now added (in hardware computers section) as well as the Victor HC-95 White and the Yamaha CX5M(E) Grey.

More infos about the IQ-3000

Kai's Back Kai's Back

Kai’s Rage – The System Saver Legend is an action RPG beat 'em up in development by Kai Magazine and will be distributed as a super megarom.Kai also republished Lilo,No Name and Nuts in megarom cartridges.

Go Check

TunZip TunZip

TuNzIp is a Zip decompressor running on MSX-DOS2.
This cool utility created by Patriek Lesparre is very usefull for MSX users.

For more infos and download

More coming games More coming games

For those who knew "Who dares wins" in the middle of the 80s,a MSX 2 version is also underway by Retroforce.
Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death (MSX 1) by Retroworks is annouced with a playable demo.

HBI232-MKII Datas Transfer HBI232-MKII

Nice to see new hardwares productions from MSX fans.
Eric Boez and Eugeny Brychkov produced this RS232 cartridge allowing to transfer datas between a MSX and a PC.
Very interesting and useful product and the price is 69€ (without shipping).

For more infos

Sanyo Wavy 11 Sanyo Wavy 11

Well,I am always happily surprised with the MSX as I discovered a new coloured model.
Sanyo Wavy 11 was known in silver so now the red one makes it entry in the circle of MSX machines.
As I said before (About),not finished to discover more and more machines.

Check Sanyo MSX computers

A new Casio Once again,Casio...

Once again,Casio surprised me with the model PV-7.This model has two different cursor colours,one is blue and another model with black cursor
Smashing and a new model to be listed in the MSX hardware.

Check Casio MSX computers

SCC for all your MSX games? SCC for all your MSX games?

Yes,Tiny Yarou did it,SCC player for all your MSX games,unbelievable and amazing.Imagine playing Metal Gear (1st one) or King Kong 2 in SCC mode? Simply huge.
Go visit his own home page and download this great utility for your MSX and your ears.

Tiny Yarou SCC Converter

Casio PV-7 Casio PV-7

I always thought that we have seen all the MSX Casio models but I was wrong because a new coloured one appaired for the Casio PV-7.
This model was known in black and dark red...and here is the red.

Check Casio MSX computers

Daisen MX-1 Daisen MX-1

A brand new model MSX 2 discovered from a while was manufactured by Daisen Co. for Oyama Sangyo Industry,a japanese factory and seemed exclusively used for it works.
As it is seen,no MSX logo,3 ports cartridges and a RS-232.

@2018,MSX World News

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